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Sons of Pericles Supreme Lodge
2022 - 2023


Supreme President


After spending some time in District 2, Ryan has returned to his hometown of Atlanta, the heart of District 1.  He is also returning to the Supreme Lodge, with four years of experience under his belt.  After serving under good friend and fellow Atlanta-native, the words of Past Supreme President Gregory Vourloumis still echo in his mind. With his tenure on the Lodge growing, he seeks to continue serving the Order in every capacity possible.  He is very optimistic for the future of the Sons of Pericles, and looks forward to see what the future holds. This year he is serving as the Chairman of the Convention Committee and the Chair for the Legislative Committee. Ryan also serves as the liaison for Districts 1, 2, 16 & 25.


Supreme Vice President


Currently serving his third year on the Supreme Lodge, Alec is excited to both learn from his constituents and help progress Hellenic brotherhood and culture as Supreme Vice President. He was initiated into the Sons in March 2019, took on the role of Chapter President in Tallahassee, and since then has never looked back. Having recently graduated with a Masters in Applied Economics at Florida State University, Alec moved back home to DC with hopes of a career as a data analyst and is eager to expand the Sons by recruiting more members in the area. Alec currently serves as liaison to Districts 3, 6, 8, and 9, and is the Chair of the Membership Committee.


Supreme Secretary


Coming Soon


Supreme Treasurer


Basili comes to the Supreme Lodge after successfully reactivating the Sons of Pericles Spartan Chapter 145 in Chicago, Illinois in 2017.  On a chapter level, he worked with his board and members to help their local community, build membership, and host annual events that they plan on continuing for years to come.  After serving his Chapter as President, Basili is excited to expand his experience to the National level and looks forward to assisting the growth of a Hellenic organization he truly believes in, this is his second year on the Supreme Lodge.  Outside of the Sons, Basili is a licensed EMT and is working towards becoming a paramedic.  He currently serves as liaison to Districts 11, 12, 13, and is Co-Chair for the Finance and Fundraising Committee and National Project Committee


Supreme Governor


Coming Soon


Supreme Athletic Direcotr


Coming Soon


Supreme Advisor to the Sons of Pericles


Brother Nick is serving his second year as the Supreme Advisor to the Sons of Pericles.  A member of the AHEPA Supreme Lodge, Nick acts as a liaison between the Sons of Pericles Supreme Lodge and the Order of AHEPA Supreme Lodge.  He also serves as an advocate for the members of the Sons of Pericles and a resource for AHEPA Chapters looking to sponsor Sons of Pericles Chapters in their communities.

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