Paul Pavlakos

Supreme President

In his fourth year on the Supreme Lodge, Paul Pavlakos is the current Supreme President. As past Supreme Secretary and District 2 Governor, Paul has extensive experience and knowledge of the Sons of Pericles. Paul's hard work has culminated in his Presidency where he aims to elevate the Sons presence nationally and internationally. Paul is Chairman of  the Cultural Committee, Convention Committee, and Digital services committee Paul also serves as the national liaison to Districts  4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. 


Timothy Noitsis

Supreme Vice-President

Being from Toronto, Canada, Timothy Noitsis has never let distance come between him and his duties to the Order, whether flying down for national events or personally seeing that Canada's chapters are represented, fully functional, and ever-growing. Tim is focused on fundraising and membership and is the Chairman of the Membership Committee and the Co-Chairman of the National Project Committee. Tim also serves as liaison to Districts 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, and 23.


Ryan Marinos

Supreme Secretary

After spending some time in District 2, Ryan has returned to his hometown of Atlanta, the heart of District 1.  He is also returning to the Supreme Lodge, this time, with a year of experience under his belt.  After serving under good friend and fellow Atlanta-native, the words of Past Supreme President Gregory Vourloumis still echo in his mind. With his tenure on the Lodge growing, he seeks to continue serving the Order in every capacity possible.  He is very optimistic for the future of the Sons of Pericles, and looks forward to see what the future holds. This year he is serving as the Chairman for the Legislative Committee and the Social Media & Marketing Committee. Ryan also sits on the Cultural Committee and serves as the liaison for Districts 1, 2, 3, 12, 16, and 17.


Yiannis Kanatas

Supreme Treasurer

After working relentlessly to restart the Sons chapter in Calgary and thereafter serving as Chapter President of Calgary, Yiannis Kanatas is now serving in a role nationally where his skills in finance can be used to better the Order. Having recently passed level 2 of the CFA program as well as working as a business development associate for FIRMA Foreign Exchange, Yiannis is very well suited for the role of Supreme Treasurer. This year he will also be serving as Chair to the Finance & Fundraising Committee and will serve on the National Project Committee. Yiannis also serves as liaison to Districts 14, 20, 21, 22, 24, and 26.


Dimitris Raptis

Supreme Governor - EU

The Supreme Lodge is extraordinarily proud of its presence in Europe. Now serving his second term, Dimitri Raptis' experience in foreign affairs as well as with the Sons Chapter in Athens makes him the ideal candidate for the position of Supreme Governor in Europe. Dimitris give the Lodge a unique international perspective that help the Lodge better represent its members in abroad.  Dimitris serves as liaison to District 25. 

Today, the Sons of Pericles come together to ensure that the legacy of our Hellenic culture is preserved for future generations. Our members are proud of the contributions that Hellenism continues to make to this country.


We are dedicated to improving our communities through Philanthropy and Civic Responsibility. The pursuit of excellence in Education and Athletics helps stimulate and prepare tomorrow’s Leaders. These ideals comprise the goals that every member of the Sons of Pericles strives to achieve.

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