Daughters and Sons Cookbook

Are you spending more time at home? Have you learned any new recipes? Changed some old ones?


Since the start of quarantine, most of us are spending more time at home; working, finding new hobbies, learning new skills.... With the world in such disarray, there remains one constant, especially in a Greek's life: Food-- Our lifeblood and integral part of our culture, Greek cuisine has stood the test of time whenever we need to feel better, take care of our family, or bring our loved ones and friends comfort in trying times.


The AHEPA Family stays resilient during these times, adapting to the virtual era and lending a hand to lift our communities. 

Now it is time to come together for others by uplifting our own.


Whether we have cooked for 50 years, or learned how to boil water back in March, most of us have sharpened our skills during this pandemic, and we want to know what everyone has been up to in the kitchen. Many of us have a favorite dish or a go to meal we fix because it reminds of home, boosts our spirits, or just makes us feel good. We might not be able to ask the neighbor to borrow some sugar, but we can ask our AHEPA Family to borrow a recipe! 


A cookbook compiled of the favorite dishes of brothers and sisters across our organization, "Daughter and Sons" will be a joining of hands to uplift each other and reconnect to brothers and sisters we cannot commune with for the time being. It will be a uniform cookbook, legible to cooks of all experiences.  This cookbook will be a reminder to the AHEPA Family we are still standing tall and proud, even from home. The proceeds will benefit our National Project, The JED Foundation: a non-profit dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


Now more than ever, we are feeling the effects our mental health can have on our daily lives and those around us. We have an opportunity to come together and share meals with each other safely and responsibly while raising the spirits of our brothers and sisters, and raising money for those suffering. You will be able to log on to our website, submit your recipes, photos, and personal information so the entire organization can see your lovely dishes.

Today, the Sons of Pericles come together to ensure that the legacy of our Hellenic culture is preserved for future generations. Our members are proud of the contributions that Hellenism continues to make to this country.


We are dedicated to improving our communities through Philanthropy and Civic Responsibility. The pursuit of excellence in Education and Athletics helps stimulate and prepare tomorrow’s Leaders. These ideals comprise the goals that every member of the Sons of Pericles strives to achieve.

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