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Ongoing Projects

Though the Sons of Pericles vote on a National Project to support each year, we also take on additional projects in areas we feel we can make an impact in.  The projects listed below are endeavors that the Sons of Pericles continue to support and raise funds and awareness for.  

AHEPA Service Dog

     The AHEPA Service Dogs project was started at the 2016 AHEPA Convention in Las Vegas. These service dogs are specially trained and matched with each veteran. Their goal is to provide a sense of security, calming presence, and physical exercise  that can make a positive difference in the life of those that suffer from PTSD due to their military service. To date, they have raised the money to donate 51 service dogs with a goal to continue until every veteran has been taken care of.

     In September 2019, the Sons of Pericles joined the AHEPA Family in sponsoring the 31st AHEPA Service Dog, Pericles. Waiting for Pericles to be assigned and trained, the 2021-2022 Supreme Lodge wanted to inspire the incoming lodge to continue this project by donating $3,000. It is their hope the incoming lodge would be able to fundraise the other half and sponsor the 73rd service dog! 

2022 K9FW_220517_SATX_PericlesAHEPA_9678.jpeg

Greece Wildfire Relief

     In August 2021, the country of Greece was affected by horrible wildfires, causing massive amounts of devastation throughout the country, particularly on the island of Evia, in Attica, Olympia, and the Messenia region.  People all over the country were left without homes and thousands had to be evacuated.


     As we did during the Greek Wildfires of 2007 and 2018, the Sons of Pericles are working to aid the AHEPA Family in their Emergency Relief efforts.  We are encouraging our members and chapters to fundraise, and working with our Brothers in Greece to see how we can be most helpful.

Greek Genocide Recognition

     The Greek Genocide refers to the systematic extermination of the native Greek subjects of the Ottoman Empire before, during and after World War I (1914-1923). It was instigated by successive governments of the Ottoman Empire; the Committee of Union and Progress Party (C.U.P), and the Turkish Nationalist Movement of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


  It included massacres, forced deportations and death marches, summary expulsions, boycotts, rape, forced conversion to Islam, conscription into labor battalions, arbitrary executions, and destruction of Christian Orthodox cultural, historical and religious monuments. According to various sources, approximately 1.2 million Greeks and 3.5 million Christians in total were either killed or deported during this period.

   As the leading youth representatives of Hellenic-American issues, it is the responsibility of the Sons of Pericles to raise awareness, increase education, and seek recognition of the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire against approximately 1.2 million Greeks. 

  While many states have recognized the Genocide in one specific region (e.g. Pontos, Asia Minor), it is the stance of the Sons of Pericles that these events should be recognized as one systematic attempted extermination of ALL Greeks. By raising awareness as one united group, we can bring to light the true horrors of the Greek Genocide and its current impact, commemorate the over 1 million Greeks slaughtered or displaced, and bring together the Hellenic Diaspora as a single front for one purpose.

  To help achieve recognition, please reach out to your representatives and urge them pass a resolution (legislative) or proclamation (executive) to Recognize the Greek Genocide of 1914-1923.

Greek Genocide - Massacres.jpg

Map depicting all massacres that took place between 1914 and 1923 in Thrace, Asia Minor, and Pontos


AHEPA Family, with Sons of Pericles in front row, lobbying at U.S. Capitol Hill for Hellenic-American issues, including recognition of the Greek Genocide 

Contact Your Representatives

For more information on getting involved with the Sons of Pericles Greek Genocide Recognition efforts, please contact Past Supreme President Paul Pavlakos.
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