2020-2021 National Project: JED Foundation

In joint efforts with the Maids of Athena, our two respective organizations have chose to collaboratively donate to the JED Foundation this year. The JED foundation has created a public health approach to promote mental health and prevent suicide.

Through their comprehensive approach, they promote social awareness and help develop necessary life skills to help American teens grow into healthy, thriving adults. As mental health is becoming a more reflected upon issue, we believe it was appropriate to choose an organization that helps those of all ages deal with mental health issues.
Through their Equity in Mental Health Framework, they have created ten recommendations and implementation strategies to be used by universities. With these strategies, colleges and universities have the necessary tools to help support the mental health of students. They help teens and young adults get access to resources needed to navigate life’s challenges. Considering many of our members are students, JED foundation and their continued support through universities across the country made it an easy choice for our national project. They envision a future where every high school and college has a comprehensive system that supports emotional health. We invite you to their website www.jedfoundation.org for more information.

We appreciate all of your efforts in helping us reach our goal.  We know that if we all come together to sell tickets, participate in events, and represent our orders as we should, we will reach our goal and support a great organization like JED Foundation  If you have any questions, or would like to make a donation, please contact Supreme Treasurer Yiannis Kanatas (y.kanatassop@gmail.com)  or Supreme Governor

Alec Economakis (a.economakissop@gmail.com).