AHEPA Service Dogs for Warriors

     The mission of the AHEPA Service Dogs for Warriors program is to raise funds to match veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with specially trained service dogs to help mitigate and assist them in their path to recovery and management of their disabilities; as well as, provide the veteran with the companionship and therapeutic qualities of a specially trained service dog that was rescued from a dog pound. This program saves the life of a dog to save the life of a veteran at a cost of $15,000; at no cost to the veteran.

    The AHEPA has already raised $250,000 across the country for this noble cause. Moved by their efforts, the Sons of Pericles have now pledged to participate in the Service Dog program. For as long as it takes, the Sons of Pericles are committed to raising the $15,000 needed to sponsor a service dog, to be named "Pericles." We thank all who have contributed to this project and encourage everyone to continue their support by donating to this worthy effort. Please contact Supreme Secretary Paul Pavlakos for more information