Today, the Sons of Pericles come together to ensure that the legacy of our Hellenic culture is preserved for future generations. Our members are proud of the contributions that Hellenism continues to make to this country.


We are dedicated to improving our communities through Philanthropy and Civic Responsibility. The pursuit of excellence in Education and Athletics helps stimulate and prepare tomorrow’s Leaders. These ideals comprise the goals that every member of the Sons of Pericles strives to achieve.

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Rising Sons Class of 2019-2020

      The "Rising Sons" initiative is aimed at finding our most driven and capable members, and providing them with the resources to become successful leaders in our organization and accomplished professionals and/or academics. Through this program, the Supreme Lodge will select a number of members each year to serve on National Committees. Members who are chosen will be in constant contact with the Supreme Lodge and get a "behind-the-scenes look" at the operation of an international non-profit organization. Selection to the program includes the ability to travel to an annual Rising Sons leadership and development conference where, when budget allows, expenses for all travel and lodging will be included. 

    Further, selected members will be placed on such committees according to their educational background and desired field of study, ensuring that they will develop relevant skills and expertise for their industry. This initiative will develop both tangible and intangible positive traits in our members, increase communication between the Supreme Lodge and local leaders, and allow for more extensive coordination, as well as fresh ideas, throughout our Order.  

    Read more about our inaugural Rising Sons Class of 2019-2020 below! Interested in being considered for next year's group of selections? Send us your information (goals, background, accomplishments, etc.) by clicking "Apply!"

Andreas Christou.png

Andreas is a Past Supreme President and is currently an Associate at Shiryak, Bowman, Anderson, Gill & Kadochnikov LLP. He received his B.A. in Political Science at Pace University and his J.D. from St. John's University School of Law. Andreas is admitted to the Bars of both New York and New Jersey

Legislative Committee

Andreas Christou

Queens, NY

Chapter : Phocion 44

George Diavolitsis.png

George is from London, Ontario and is currently a senior in high school. He plans on continuing on to University where he will focus on business. George also has a passion in music, can play 6 instruments, and has knowledge in several areas of the music industry such as Artist Management, Event Management/Bookings, and Event Production

Finance and Fundraising Committee

George Diavolitsis

Ottawa, ON


Savvas Ferekides.png

Savvas is a Past District 2 Governor and an incoming Sophomore at the University of Florida. Savvas is majoring in Computer Engineering and has programming experience in both C++ and Java

Digital Services Committee

Savvas Ferekides

Gainesville, FL

Chapter : Gators 310

Dino Giallourakis.png

Dino is the current District 2 Governor and was the founding President of Helios #261 in Clearwater, FL. He is currently a library assistant and is attending school to become a librarian

Legislative Committee

Dino Giallourakis

Clearwater, FL

Chapter : Helios 261


Niko is the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain 83 Chapter in Denver. He is a Junior at CU Boulder studying Computer Engineering

Social Media and Marketing Committee

Nikos Gianos

Denver, CO

Chapter : Rocky Mountain 83


George is the current District 5 Lt. Governor and has served as Chapter President of Hippocrates 210 in Cherry Hill, NJ. George is currently a Freshman at Rowan University.

Social Media and Marketing Committee

George Horiates

Cherry Hill, NJ

Chapter : Hippocrates 210 

Manny Kandilas.png

Manny is the District 6 Lt. Governor with a background in Commercial Real Estate. After a few years in the industry, he has decided to pursue his passion in Computer Programming and is currently preparing for a rigorous App Academy cohort in the fall semester.

Digital Services Committee

Emmanuel Kandilas

Manhattan, NY

Chapter : New Renaissance 5

Nathan Karnezis.png

Nathan is one of the newest members of Spartan 145, having been recently initiated at the 2019 Supreme Convention in Chicago. Nathan is a Freshman majoring in Cyber Security

Finance and Fundraising Committee

Nathan Karnezis

Munster, IN

Chapter : Spartan 145

Kosta Koukounaras.png

Kosta is a member of the Spartan 145 chapter in Chicago. Kosta is currently studying at Arizona State University and is majoring in Aviation Flight

Membership Committee

Kosta Koukounaras

Chicago, IL

Chapter : Spartan 145

Karter Lenardos.png

Karter is the Chapter President of Menelaos 154 and a dual member in the Lycurgus 12 AHEPA chapter. He is beginning his freshman year at University of Tampa, where he will be double majoring in both finance and history

Social Media and Marketing Committee

Karter Lenardos

Tampa, FL

Chapter : Menelaos 154

Michael Neal.png

Michael is the past Chapter President of Phocion 44 and has just started his Freshman year at Loyola University Chicago. Michael will be majoring in Marketing in the fall semester

Social Media and Marketing Committee

Michael Neal

Albany, NY

Chapter : Phocion 44

Mitchell Pantelides.png

Mitchell is the current District 2 Lt. Governor and just graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor's in Marketing

Social Media and Marketing Committee

Mitchell Pantelides

Tallahassee, FL

Chapter : Seminoles 334

Basili Ronstadt.png

Basili is the current Chapter President of Spartan 145. He currently attends Malcolm X Chicago Paramedic School

Membership Committee

Basili Ronstadt

Chicago, IL

Chapter : Spartan 145