Mentorship Program

      We are pleased to announce the rolling out of our Sons of Pericles mentorship program. As a pilot program of District 2 and District 6, this initiative seeks to pair members of the Sons with industry leaders in the community. Our mentorship resources will allow for professional networking and a personal mentor based on the member's interest and professional background. Whether advice, education, or an internship or job, pairing with a mentor will allow our Sons to excel in their educational and professional endeavors.

If you are a member of the Sons of Pericles interested in being a mentee or a professional interested in being a mentor, please apply below. If you are a member not in District 2 or District 6 but are interested in bringing our mentorship program to your District, reach out to Supreme President Paul Pavlakos at

Today, the Sons of Pericles come together to ensure that the legacy of our Hellenic culture is preserved for future generations. Our members are proud of the contributions that Hellenism continues to make to this country.


We are dedicated to improving our communities through Philanthropy and Civic Responsibility. The pursuit of excellence in Education and Athletics helps stimulate and prepare tomorrow’s Leaders. These ideals comprise the goals that every member of the Sons of Pericles strives to achieve.

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